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AppleTV app does not work with regional streams

I am able to watch the Regional CSN streams on the mobile version of the app, but when I try to do the same on the AppleTV app, I get an error message stating that I am not a subscriber....disappointing.

Lack of Fidelity

No consistent replay schedule or transparency in programming. And poor ad sales. And games freezing after half time. Yes, I tried to turn it off and turn it back on. Oh wait, no tech support or customer service either. Bad. Frustrating.

Event replay commercials are buggy

I try to watch premier league replay games but the commercials are glitching and it never actually plays the game. It just plays commercials the whole time.

terrible replays

Half way through a match and an endless loop of commercials? A bit frustrating. Total crap.

NBC, you broke it

This was the perfect app, the one I measured every other app against. But now I cant watch a complete Premier League game anymore. At half time, at least 6 commercials run and the nothing. Zero content. Silence. No commercial, no game, zip, zero nada. Why did you have to screw this up?!

Live EPL!

Love streaming live sports, especially EPL games.

Embarrassing for all involved

I dont know how people involved with something so poorly built feel ok about their contributions to the world. To say this is buggy would be misleading. If it functions as it supposed to do, one is very surprised. Probably because of budget issues. Oh wait its a giant multinational behemoth milking profits off their premier league content. So its either garbage technicians or comically cheap leadership. Either way Im cancelling the part of my package that sends revenue NBC sports direction. Pathetic.

Frequent Crashes

Terrible. App was developed by monkeys.

Crashy Crashy

I cant play anything. Try to log into my TWC account and it freezes every time. The ios app is better than the apple TV app as far as pause and rewind functionality goes, so this is highly disappointing.

You would think NBC...

Would be able to maintain a functional app. While it works fine for live events the replay function hasnt worked for weeks and two updates havent fixed that issue.


How funny you should ask for a review after I was just unable to watch anything live because when I go to ATT U-verse to log in; NOTHING COMES UP!! I can get the other cable providers to come up, but not U-verse! And that makes your app virtually useless to me, despite the great content!! So frustrating!

Happy subscriber.

Excellent App. Highly recommend it!!!

Why am I getting a commercial every 5 seconds

I am literally getting a Lexus commercial 5 seconds after the sports goes live the every few seconds thereafter!

App Doesnt work for iPhone 7 Plus

Gotta say, this is pretty crazy. I havent been able to use the "Live and Upcoming" category without my app crashing. Its been like this since 3 updates ago. NBCs app doesnt work, so I guess I have to delete it. You would think NBC would have fixed this problem, but 3 updates later... doesnt seem like this is an error they want to fix.

Unreliable at best

Surprisingly, despite the investment in programming like the Olympics and Premier League soccer, NBC still cant figure out how to keep the app from crashing or freezing - always after youve been forced to watch the commercials, of course. I cant understand why the company tolerates this, since other broadcasters have figured it out.

Why no zero-star reviews allowed?

Your average is two stars out of five for good reason. The same things that were wrong two years ago, when I started using this app, are still wrong. The mass sackings I called for obviously havent happened. Failure. Hang your heads in shame for having the worst video streaming in the industry.

Doesnt work well but has great programming

On an iPhone six it crashes every time when I try to use chromecast. Also makes my chromecast unstable so that I cannot use it again until I reset. Also does not work on either of my two computers-often gets stuck on log-in screen. Still love the EPL though so willing to watch it on my cell phone.

Best streaming app

By far the best streaming app not named Netflix. WatchESPN could learn a thing or two from them

Worst ever

Suckkkks assss

New update makes app even worse

I honestly thought this app couldnt get any worse, but the new update was able to exceed my expectations. Before the app just froze and was a constant annoyance, but now it wont even allow me to play a video. Every time I try to play a video I get an error telling me to re-authenticate even after I am already signed in. I am fairly confident this app is maintained exclusively by unpaid interns. Embarrassing for a company of this size to have their name attached to this joke of an app.

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