NBC Sports App Reviews

What not to do when creating a streaming app

Infuriating, slow, crappy.

Does not work with Headphones

So... great app. Except it doesn’t work with headphones. Please fix. Headphones used are AirPods. This should be seamless, but for some reason its not working at all.

Commercials from the start

When you try to watch sports live, you have to sit through 2-3 minutes of commercials. Dumb.

Never works

NBC sports app makes money with commercials. You can get it free with an antenna. Why can’t NBC get the app to work with Apple TV? I am close to conditioning myself to not be interested in sports that NBC is associated with.

Should not require cable to watch...

You should not have to require a cable provider for you to watch on an app especially one that could possibly be seen over the airwaves. NBC needs to correct this or lose more watchers

App not working

It’s quite amazing that for a big company like NBC that can’t make an app working properly!!! So bad!!

Makes watching NHL games aggregating

I understand they make their money from commercials, but do you think you can concentrate on broadcasting the live action? Too often they either cut to commercials immediately or they are late to come back from break. In the past week I missed to goals being scored

Why can’t you get rid of the program schedule when streaming so you can view with full screen ?!?!?!

Why can’t you get rid of the program schedule when streaming so you can view with full screen ?!?!?!

The Worst

This app is terrible on all platforms. It hardly ever works correctly.

Nice app

Great for live sports!

More garbage from NBC

It’s great that I can login and watch hockey games on my fire stick while I’m away from home....but...if I pause the app for five minutes because I have to take a phone call or something of that nature, why can I not then fast forward through the commercials. The commercials that NBC is making additional money on top of the commercials they air through cable. I pay my greedy cable provider for this channel...another channel that requires an above basic cable package and still has commercials. The least they could do is allow me to fast forward to live play after pausing. On top of that, half of the time the app claims that the game I want to watch is blacked out my area...even when I’m in Texas and want to watch the wings play the rangers. How is that blacked out in Texas. I try to watch it three more times and it finally decides to play...just another frustrating app developed by a company making millions and millions of dollars that couldn’t care less about their viewer satisfaction.


Frequently crashes, random commercials right in the middle of plays (just missed a huge Embiid dunk which led me to write this), very unreliable video quality, and absolutely horrendous user interface. Only use out of absolute necessity, and you'll still have a 50/50 shot at most of watching the game without issues, if at all

Ads, ads, and more ads

Terrible experience. Press "Go Live" after game goes out of sync? Ad. Watch 2 mins of ads before you can cast to a tv, then cast? Oh here's the same 2 mins of ads. Oh there's 2 mins left in a game? Here watch a 2 minute ad before we show you the game.

Equestrian Sports

How come the equestrian sports that air on NBC sports cable channels is not represented in the app? There’s not even a choice to sit for alerts. Your settings need to be expanded the choices are too broad.

All it does is play commercials!!!

Trying to watch a replay from yesterday. I have Verizon fios, all signed in just fine. ALL IT DOES IS PLAY COMMERCIALS. EDIT three weeks later. Nothing has changed. This app is a total SCAM. I pay for Verizon Fios and all this NBC sports app does is play commercials. SCAM.

Tiger woods

Why so much hype, rooting against all the other players it’s bias. Root for the leader.

Shocking, just shocking

After a drop in revenue they will finally listen.


With no TV or dish provider I cannot watch any sports on a network that has been in the home of millions for many years. Its absolutely sad and I am sure it's all because of some corporate nimrod stuffing money into someone or something. ALSO NO RATING STAR SHOULD APPLY.

Russian bots are slamming all Olympics apps

Same thing happening on the Olympics channel app. Russian athletes were completely banned from the 2018 Paralympic Games after the Russian Federation - after lying about it for years - finally confessed to a massive, 50-year long doping operation. Russia cheated how many honest athletes out of the Olympic medals they should have won? So stop with the fake reviews. You’re embarrassing yourselves.

Have to pay for subscription

If you support small clubs you're out of luck and have to subscribe to nbc gold. Lame. Otherwise, solid app.

More commercials than content

Every clip has a 30 second commercial first. Games constantly freeze requiring you to restart app then watch 2 or 3 commercials before game resumes. Im boycotting anything they advertise



Worst sports app.

Fox sports doesn't struggle like this app. Force closes on its own and then you're forced to watch an ad or 2 to return to your programming. Trash.

Nice in concept, lousy, lousy reliability

Crashes constantly, and then forces you to rewatch the same ads over and over on reboots. Blacks out games not intended to be blacked out. Commonly doubles the audio feed. I love what the app is supposed to do, but really lousy in execution. Update, three years later: Still lousy. Still buggy. Still crashes during games (and in overtime). NBC, please get it together.


I have an I pad, a chromebook, a pc running 10, and an older laptop running 8. This app blows on all of them. Windows 8, 10 year old pc actually gets the best results. Methinks they aren't too worried about their development.

This app is disastrous

Currently have spent the last 30 minutes trying to cast a game from this app to my tv with no luck. This app is disgustingly broken.

Keep up with the technology!

Why on earth am I still forced to sign in with your primitive web page? Use the system TV provider, especially on the AppleTV. Use the tools that Apple provides for you.

Absolutely Awful

By far the worst sports app ever. I can’t find anything for local channels. They continue to shove the Olympics and Golf down my throat at every turn. I understand they are more popular than my local college team but not being able to search and find it anywhere on your site or app is a joke.

Poor implementation

Besides unreliability with streams (esp. with Chromecast), the ads are the most infuriating part. I’m watching a premiere league game right now and the match is spontaneously interrupted mid-action with the same repeated ads. Not only is gameplay interrupted, but it doesn’t even pause the stream so I completely miss whatever happened during the ad. Seriously? The developers clearly don’t actually use the app. Oh, and for companies buying ad space on this platform, I’d stay far away. After I’ve seen your ad for the fifteenth time in a row, it’s pretty certain I’ll never want to buy what you’re selling.

Controls are terrible for Apple TV app

Why can’t they just use the native controls like the other video apps. No ten second tap to back up, have to push on screen even for info and not swipe down.

Olympic footage

Impressed the NBC app actually contains all winter Olympic awards ceremonies in their complete form -not just the USA gold winners and their anthems.

Intentionally awful

You know you’re product is crap. The same issues since it’s inception. I guess it’s my punishment for not being able to watch it on your overpriced cable package when I’m not at home. Despicable!

Nbc sport

Not all that impressed with finding what I wanted to watch at the Olympics . I am going to keep app and see how it is on sports.

NBC Sports (Bay Area)

My most used app to watch the warriors

Needs a fixn’?

This app is so...disappointing. I activate the app with joyful anticipation only to be sad. Fix it please? It seems like you’re trying to sadden more patrons with your bad updates. Come on...Try!

Needs work

There are too many commercials, you cannot watch an NBA basketball game because you have to watch the same loop of commercials during every time out, you don’t get any halftime play by play or time out analysis because it automatically kicks you to commercials... then you have to sit there and wait five minutes for the stream to come back on.. honestly I only get to watch the Warriors on this app maybe 1or 2 minutes tops at a time..

tvOS vs iOS and iPhone X Support

Why is the tvOS app missing the same functionality as the iOS app? The golf channel can be streamed in the iOS app but not tvOS. Sure I can airplay onto the Apple TV, but the quality is degraded. Also, where is the support for iPhone X?

Completely, totally, thoroughly worthless

No 76ers. No Flyers. No Phillies. Even when I’m watching a game on TV and the announcers say “You can stream tonight’s game on the NBC Sports app,” I can’t do it. I’ve downloaded the app a few times, all to no avail. For awhile I got it to work, but once the Olympics began, local sports disappeared. The Olympics is over, but the app still doesn’t work. It stinks.

Garbage app

The video player is second rate on the Apple TV device. In order to rewind or fast forward through a program you have to lightly tap your remote. Why can’t you just hit pause, scroll to the point you want and unpause like other video streaming players? If you tap it by accident, it jumps to a completely different point of the program which is so annoying. Do they even test the video player in CTV devices?

Streams cut out for ads during play

When I stream Flyers games it cuts out during play to show ads or commercials instead of playing them during the normal tv timeouts. Big issue, making the experience less enjoyable.


I live in a state where it doesn’t snow often. I don’t ski or skate. I love the Winter Games. I watched at least 4 hours a day during the 2018 Winter Games. I used the app on AppleTV and it was incredible. I never had to look at short track speed skating, Snow boarding or figure skating (I’m not an x games fan) On demand was the best! The Announcer with Australian(?) accent was great! He was informative, neutral with just the right amount of excitement. He made the whole viewing experience great.


Just another app flooding the market doing everything in its power to scam a buck! Pathetic

Apple TV scrubbing controls?

The non-standard, Apple TV scrubbing controls are lunacy. I don’t think there’s a way to rewind or fast-forward during commercials. Even if I fast-forward during an EPL game, it often jumps back to the commercials during halftime, which I, of course, am forced to watch again. Very bad programming and greedy decision-making by NBC.

Agree with what everybody says here.

This was the poorest US coverage I have ever seen and that goes back to 1958. And for NBC to shaft broadcast viewers (ie non-cable subscribers), they have lost my business and viewership indefinitely.

Worthless without some paid subscription like cable

I got this app thinking I would see some Olympic coverage I might otherwise miss. Since I cut the cord years ago from cable/satellite a switched to antenna and streaming, I’m much happier... NBC app is worthless, and I quickly deleted it.

Too short

This app is great when it's not crashing.

Just like all the others

Don’t even bother to think about downloading this app I have cut all my cable and and usually stream everything and I figured I’d try this one being that NBC is a big company and figured they might be live streaming it anyway for a small price but they asked for your cable company to get the full live experience very disappointed in NBC and they give you small teasers to in sure that you sign up so don’t even bother

NBC scam

It so annoying , nbc does not allow to watch live streaming unless one subscribes to cable . Other videos are continuously repetitive with commercials .

Not acceptable, NBC

To watch the content, the app must be activated by obtaining, then entering, an authentication code. This requires navigating to an NBC website using a web browser, selecting your cable provider and manually entering the code. Even after doing this CORRECTLY, the result for me twice (two separate AppleTV devices) was rejection with the error message “ this provider does not have retransmissions rights in your region”. The above message is incorrect; my cable provider does in fact have retransmission rights. Contacting NBCsports for support is laughable - email support only. Nonetheless, I tried this and was told simply to delete the app and repeat the ENTIRE process. It gets worse - but I won’t bore you with more details. This worthless app deserves negative stars. Even worse than NBC’s mediocre coverage of the Olympics. The thought occurred to me that perhaps this misery is deliberate, hoping that the negative experience with internet streaming will steer customers back to cable TV. NBC should never again be allowed to offer apps in the App Store.

Wish I could give it -5 stars


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