NBC Sports App Reviews

Bad user interface

Poor fast forwarding and rewinding methods. Menu interface is confusing. The cherry on top is that you can’t skip commercials. Horrible!

Crash City

Tried watching SNF on app tonight. Crashed about every five minutes; had to go back into app and reload game every time. Super annoying. Looking forward to going back to afternoon games so I can watch my team lose on the Fox Sports app uninterrupted!

Is it good?

I can’t tell if this app is good for any NBC sporting event since the app either freezes up or crashes.


I’ve entered my tv provider 10 times now and it still won’t work


This App crashes as soon as you sign In with your cable, worked perfectly fine till the 30mins ran out

Shut down mode

The app has good clarity and has the football game I want to watch but every 6 mins the app shuts down and I have to sign in all over again. It just shuts down back to my home screen of my phone. Glad to have it to see SOME of the game but this is ridiculous.


It keeps logging me out, app keeps freezing, and it’s slow. I will update with a five star if I can log in stay logged in a watch the content provided by NBC. How hard is it to develop an app you are a multi-million dollar company. Get it together!

No Point

Crashes every time I open it. Downloaded to watch football and the app literally won’t do anything. Freezes in 5 seconds and crashes 25 seconds after.


Terrible app. Freezes in the first 5 seconds of loading and then crashes in the next 15 seconds. I’d give it 0 stars if I could because I can’t even use the app.

Waste of an app

I used to be able to watch all the Premier League games wherever I was, with this app. It was great. But now, I can’t watch “live” anything. It’s bs. I already pay for cable. I shouldn’t have to pay extra to view sports on an app that represents the cable channel that I already pay for. Straight bullshite app

Terrible - virtually unwatchable

Absolutely infuriating to try to operate app and watch a sports game. Continuously cuts to commercial breaks mid-action, repeats same commercials over and over, impossible to fast forward or rewind through lulls in action without totally screwing up the game-watching experience. I spent half the time staring at a “your coverage will resume shortly“ graphic or watching commercials over and over and over… Uggghhh.


I used to watch premier league games every weekend in nbc, nbc sports or the nbc sports app. This morning I went to watch the Arsenal vs. Newcastle Match. I was prompted to a new screen where I now have to pay $50.00 a year to watch the games that all were free until now. Ridiculous. How greedy are you NbC? How greedy do you really need to be ? How much greed / money is enough? I will not be paying for This service and will now be boycotting nbc. They don’t make any good tv shows worth watching anyhow

Greedy greedy greedy

Thiefs, scam artists, greedy people

Ruining Soccer

You CANNOT insert Mid game commercials during a game. There are not many goals in a game and I was just watching Liverpool vs Tottenham and a commercial popped up during the second half and I missed the only goal so far in this half! What the hell is this BS!?!? Greed. Destroying the beautiful game with this garbage. Not acceptable.

Fails too often

This app only streams the game about one time out of five. And when it fails and you try to start the game again, you are forced to sit through a commercial before the game starts (or, more likely, fails to start). That's not right. I shouldn't be subjected to five commercials just because the streaming failed four times. If televisions worked this way, nobody would buy them. And after literally 20-30 failures, I am finished trying to watch today's hockey game -- I'll simply read about it in the newspaper tomorrow.


NBC sports keeps stopping during broadcast.please fix th

Worse than Fox or ESPN

Makes you watch commercials every time you open a stream, unlike the others. INCREDIBLY annoying

Cuts out

Won’t load anything. I see a commercial then the main show cuts out and closes the app. Terrible!!!

Not free

They falsely charge you account 57.00 when you think it’s free !

Freeze freeze freeze

I guess NBC can’t afford real app programmers.

Doesn’t work

App crashes after about a minute, works about as well as their presidential predictions.

I can’t

The worst app ever. I’m so mad. I have no other words.


Make this available to stream on google chrome cast

Does not function

Opens and then immediately freezes into unresponsiveness on iPhone X running iOS 11.4.1

No stars isn’t available

The app constantly crashes. It’s pointless.

Missed opening night for nfl

Spectrum’s sign in page wouldn’t load. Thanks NBC...

Absolutely Terrible.

App has always had issues, and latest update is no different.

App crashing

Just keeps crashing

Disappointing to say the least

I had no trouble streaming in Android TV but I like to watch NASCAR start to finish & though they say Xfinity practice & such are on the app I never found them. Why not put them on NBC sports just like Fox broadcasts everything. I think their coverage of NASCAR stinks in general. No wonder they needed Dale JR as a broadcaster

Not keeping up with the times.

Can’t access all the material that you can on their website, poor functionality & obvious lack of genuine interest from NBC amongst other things. Typical of cable companies & traditional channels failing to react to how people want to consume nowadays. Kind of why so many people are moving away from the traditional way of watching TV.

Useful but annoying

I have issues playing NBC Sports Philly in my room so I downloaded the app on my phone and PS4. I’ve never had an issue when I play it on my phone (which I don’t do often) but when I play it on my PS4 for whatever reason it just starts freezing every 5-10 seconds in the middle of a game. The only way to stop it is to back out but then I need to sit through one of the same three commercials (usually played twice) and even doing that only resolves the problem for about ten minutes till I have to do it all over again. It’s useful in the sense that I don’t have any other option but it’s extremely aggravating.

Useless app

App stops working after a few seconds - tried reloading a number of times - same issue. Waste of time!!

App freezes

The app pretty much freezes everytime I open it. Don’t know what is going on with the app. Used to work and haven’t been able to use in last month due to issue.

Better but still infuriating

Drop Gold. You can’t grow worldwide sports by charging a fee for access. I have started watching the Italian A soccer league because ESPN allows access to all games (4 bucks) and does not pull a “Lucy and the football” like NBC does. For example wanted to watch Harry Kane...(can’t spell his teams name...forgive me) but oh no...must have the terrible Gold App for that. If I were the person at the Premier League in charge the Television rights I would pull it from NBC and give it to a network that acts like a partner in growing my market share and not leave in the hands of one who keeps stumbling about. Bottom line, The Premier League is great but so is Series A. This is not the NFL, we have options for soccer that are just as good if not better than the Premier League. And the key thing is that those options are cheaper, more accessible and carried by a network that is the leader in American sports broadcasting. So I don’t think it is hyperbolic to suggest that there is a real danger that the PL could lose significant market share.—-went through all of the five star reviews and found that they were all from 6 years ago...wow..all I can say is wow.


Horrible navigating. Someone hire a programmer that can write code as easy as Netflix. The hole experience is someone I would expect from a high school television channel.

Too many commercials!

This 1 is by far the worst of these. First, you have to sign in every time you use it. Second, there are no schedules so you have to watch commercials only to be told your sport hasn't started yet.... I hate using this 1. Every other channels is so much better.

Latest update 9-18

Crashes a few seconds after opening.


Makes me log in everytime

Loyal customer turned not

First of all, please fix this application on Samsung tv. I’m trying to watch premier league games on mine, but for some reason only highlights of games show up. Yes, I am logged into my provider before you ask. I used to be a very loyal customer, watching nearly every game I possibly could of the Premier League, however this app has now lost my loyalty. You used to be able to watch any Premier League game with a tv provider, but now you can only watch roughly half unless you pay $50 for their gold package. I already pay over $100 for my tv services, you aren’t HBO, the only thing you have is football, call me when you guys land Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver and then we can talk about me paying $50. Your monopoly over legal watching of the Premier League in the U.S. has also lead to the app seemingly just giving up on caring for the people watching. I could have 4 bars of LTE watching a match, and the quality would look like I’m playing a 1980’s video game on a broken TV. Tell me, how in the heck (trying to keep this clean) it is that NBC doesn’t have enough money to stream a soccer match in SD in 2018, let alone HD. I am not joking when I say that “The Twilight Zone” (a television show from the 1960’s) has a more clear picture than the games on this app do. It’s nearly worth it for me to just get viruses on my laptop and iPhone watching the games through random websites than watching it on your 2 bit faulty app. I would happily be willing to pay over $100 dollars for those additional games if the app were actually functional. To be fairly reasonable, I understand that your company’s greed may be affecting your monopolization of British soccer matches, however ultimately this will hurt your company. Soccer has been on the rise in popularity for many years in the States, that’s why teams like Manchester City bought their own soccer club here in the US (NYCFC). There’s clearly an opening market for soccer in the US. But I don’t have to tell you that, what I seemingly do have to tell you is that by losing your customers through providing less than the bare minimum with your monopoly, ultimately you are negatively contributing towards this trend which could potentially see its downfall if such practices continue, meaning you will lose money due to your squeezing of money and services out of people. You’d think a multi million dollar company would realize that, but try to use this app over 1 weekend and you’ll realize that they obviously don’t. I gave this app 2 stars because it used to be good, and that past deserves an extra star than its worth right now.

They want us to pay extra for gold?

Why on earth would I EVER pay extra for the nbc sport gold app when the regular one doesn’t even work? What an absolute joke.

Game blacked out? Why??!!

My cable subscription is in Virginia and I’m currently in LA. The ND vs Michigan game is blacked out for me. Why the =^#^*++# would NBC do that??

If you have Sling.... don’t bother.

If you have Sling.... don’t bother because you only get a short preview but lots of commercials.


What happened to Chromecast support? I missed the ND game because I wasn’t going to sit and watch it on my phone the whole time. And the app is SO buggy, every other time I opened it it froze


App constantly crashes.

As bad as possible

This is the worst streaming service I’ve ever watched. The video takes up 1/3rd of my screen and despite claiming the option of “clicking the full screen” button on the bottom right part of the video there is in fact no button. I have no idea why this is so hard or why I would be concerned with what is airing 3 days from now. Every other streaming service is competent enough it is really beyond me how it can be screwed up this bad

Worst app I’ve ever used

This app is absolute garbage. I missed my teams opener because this app wouldn’t load it again after getting stuck on a “your program will resume shortly” message. NBC will not fix it, and we are stuck here at their mercy because the plebs at home support this network and its terrible television shows. Every time I have to watch football through these networks, I cringe. And its experiences like these that make me hate them even more. Seriously this app is UNUSABLE

Um no

If you are the type of person that would rather stab yourself in the eye and watch a repeating commercial while bleeding to death instead of watching sports, this is the app for you

Ok, but...

I shouldn't have to login to my provider every single time. Don't have to do this with the ESPN app, cmon guys. YOU ALSO NEED TO UPDATE YOUR XBOX APP TO ALLOW FOR GOLD. Not good.


Half baked and buggy. To the developers...please watch and fiddle around with BTN’s app and then NBC’s. Better yet, watch users doing it. BTN shouldn’t beat NBC at anything.

Worst streaming app around

Crashes, then forces you to rewatch ads, then doesn’t easily let you get back where you were, crashes again...

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